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Wednesday, 23 October 2019

10 best new Android apps-Nobember 2019!

 10 best new Android apps from Nobember 2019!

App designers are pushing the envelope once a day attempting to improve and upgrade our cell phone and tablet encounters. Actually, such a large number of Android apps turn out each day that it's hard to monitor them all. It's hard to usurp the most elite yet in case you're getting exhausted with what you have and need to have a go at something new, look at the best new Android apps from the most recent month! You can watch the recordings from past months by clicking here! You can look at our determinations for the best new Android apps from 2019 in the video above!

We've collected the bestmost useful apps that Google Play Store has to offer. (You may notice some crossover with our list of essential iPhone apps.

  1. 1. Quick Pay Earn money
  2. 2. BET+
  3. 3. Energy Ring for Note 10
  4. 4. Free Basics by Facebook
  5. 5. Space Master 
  6.  6. Music Zen
  7.  7. Shudder
  8. 8. Threads from Instagram
  9. 9.TIME Immersive
  10. 10.Volume Panel Pro
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